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suzanne bosworth - freelance writer

Below are a few samples of published work. Most are stored as Google docs rather than having the website carry a lot of extra weight, so each one  may take a few seconds to load and you will need pop-ups enabled. You may also need to log into your Google account. Thanks for reading.

Literary fiction:

   Flying Kites (GD)
   Extract from The Leavetaking (GD)
   Playing for Dolly (GD)
   Waving Goodbye to Daniel (GD)


   Take Two Statistics (GD)
   Snakes and Ladders (GD)
   The Importance of Parental Affection (pen name) (L)
   How to Prevent Keloids on the Skin After a Cesarean (pen name) (L)

Commercial projects:

   The London Lowdown  (L)
   Witty product descriptions (GD)
   Academic research (GD)
   The Wittery - About Us (GD)

Samples are either Google docs (GD) or live links (L)

   an accumulation of small things